Bunratty Meade

Before getting this bottle for review, I had not had the pleasure of trying mead before. To me, it seemed like it was an old-fashioned drink that was for Vikings and feasts from the Middle Ages. That was an injustice that I won’t make again.

When I opened the bottle of Bunratty, the first thing I noticed was the cap. There is no closing this bottle with the same cap that comes from the distillery. The cap is a screw top but it doesn’t crew back on. That wasn’t a problem for me but I can see an issue with some spilling during transit because of it. Luckily, mead isn’t supposed to spoil like wine does and when kept in the fridge, can last for a month or longer after opening because of the honey.

I decidbunrattyed to put mine in the fridge for a couple of hours to chill it for my first glass and then let it sit out to come to room temperature for my second.

It had a very strong honey smell to it with undertones of grape and some earthy, floral herb, and behind it all, subtle hints of vanilla.

The first taste was all honey up front and an almost off-putting sweetness but finished smooth with a floral finish. It took me by surprise with how good this mead was. After a couple of sips, the sweetness grew on me and I wanted more. Being only 14.7%, I was surprised by how hard one glass hit me. I suppose it was a mixture of natural sugar from the honey and the alcohol itself mixing together.

When I finished my first glass, I wanted more. The bottle had warmed to around cellar temperature at this point and the flavors just jumped out and punched me. Honey, flowers, vanilla, and grape aroma and flavor filled the room. I spent the rest of the bottle enjoying this mead and understanding why mead is called “Nectar from the Gods”.

With a sweetness from the honey to a nice floral and herbal finish, Bunratty Meade is worth the $15 it will cost you. I will buy this again soon and I enjoyed every drop. 9/10.

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