Cherry Cove Pinot Noir

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Randy Coleman from Coleman Vineyards. One of the wines he showed me was his 2011 Cherry Cove Pinot Noir. The first thing that caught my eye was the label. A lakeside beach akin to something Bob Ross might have created. I decided to pick up my own bottle for review. While I was not able to find a 2011 where I normally shop, there were some bottles of the 2013 vintage. While not as delicate as the two-year older wine, everything else about it was the same.

Cherry Cove is a solid Pinot Noir with barely any legs and a good finish. Quick enough that I did not have a lingering spice on my pallet but not so quick that I was unable to enjoy the taste before needing more. The grapes they use are smooth. Just enough tannin to make it grip the back of your mouth without drying you out with the need for something to eat between sips. You get a hint of pepper andcherry cove spice a second after the main grape hits your pallet but balances itself out with a nice, calm, almost melodic wash that cleanses the pallet on its own.

After drinking my first glass, I was ready for more. Not because I needed more but because I was truly enjoying it. I typically enjoy bigger, bolder wines such as Far Niente Cabernet or Chateau Moulin de Mallet. This Pinot Noir, however, satisfied my taste for good wine while enabling me to keep just enough outside of my comfort zone that I was not able to fall into a habit of ‘big wine, big flavor’ that I like to stay in.

I have found a recent love for red wines out of the American North West. Cherry Cove, and Coleman Vineyards for that matter, are no exception. In the $20 price range, this wine is worth picking up and mixes well with most foods. If you are able to find a 2011 vintage do yourself a favor and pick it up. Younger vintages will not be as delicate, but will be a great addition to any collection nonetheless.

This wine has found a spot in my permanent collection. A solid 9 out of 10 between both vintages I have been able to try.

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