Durigutti Malbec 2014

Finding a good Malbec is sometimes harder than I feel it should be. Many suffer from being too loose textured or having too strong a pepper taste. Sometimes it’s just a matter of having a bitter aftertaste.


Many, however, have very bold flavors and aromas that pair well with itself to bring about an experience worth enjoying. This is the case with Durigutti Malbec. The bottle I have for this review is the 2014 vintage and is decanted for 30 minutes before drinking.


The first thing I notice on the nose is a nice fresh berry and spice smell. The aroma lingers for a while on the nose and fades into hint of leather. The wine itself is a deep purple black color and while it does not have a huge body, it has enough tannin to keep the texture on your pallet for some time after the drink is gone. The flavor profile is robust. Dark berries and spice up front with a slight peppery sense afterwards. The drinks ends with plum and burned coffee beans. The second glass is just as bold and enjoyable as the first and I find myself picking up some cocoa and black currants as the wine oxidizes.

This Malbec is a fine example of what Malbec can be without paying a lot. This wine is in the lower end of the moderate price range at $15 a bottle. While not an every day drink for me, Durigutti is a good wine for a big wine occasion. I give it a reasonable 7.2 out of 10.

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