Chateau Peyrabon 2005

I find that I drink the same style wines for a couple months at a time before venturing off to greener pastures. There was a year where I practically drank nothing but Pinot Noir. For the latter half of 2017 my grape of choice was Sangiovese. Understanding that I am a creature of habit, I embrace whatever it is until it’s time to move on. That being said, the one region I keep returning to when I need a reset is Bordeaux. Bordeaux wines are where I feel most comfortable. I personally prefer more Cab Franc over more Cab Sauv but I haven’t found a Bordeaux yet that I did not enjoy.

chateau peyrabon

I was browsing my local wine store when I came across this wine. It is the 2005 vintage, one of the oldest vintages of any wine in the store. With a $20 price point, I gave it a shot. The wine decanted for 45 minutes before my first glass.

The nose is light. Subtle hints of sour plum and spice. The first thing I notice when tasting is the tannin structure. There has been some fallout over the years, leaving the wine with a complex, velvety texture. The front end is all plumb with some black currant that leads into a nice pepper on the tongue and ending with a beautiful tanned leather finish.

This wine is the standard for Bordeaux. Great flavor, great nose, and complex structure that you can only get with older wines. It is enjoyable without making you feel heavy like some from the area can do and does not have that musky taste you can sometimes get from Bordeaux terroir.

I can recommend tracking down this wine for the experience in and of itself. Just be sure to decant and/or filter. There is a bit of fallout in the bottom fifth of the bottle. I give this a well deserved 9/10.

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