Alibrianza Colle al Vento ‘Pacato’ Primitivo di Manduria

I was drawn to the bottle of ‘Pacato’ because of its sleek design and agreeable price. A $12 to $15 bottle of wine is acceptable even if it turns out being something I don’t necessarily enjoy. Not the case for this particular wine though. For the asking price, this was a bargain from the first glass.

When I pacatoopened the bottle, it smelled surprisingly fresh. Like a cherry or pear fresh from the tree. The first sip was pleasant. I got a good bit of dark cherries right away followed by some cocoa or dark chocolate. It was a little dry but not overly so and finished quickly with a bit of oak, leaving me ready for another sip. As expected, its legs fell immediately after swirling my glass.

After my first glass, I began to notice the tannins stuck around for a little longer than I would like, leaving me wanting something to cleanse my palate. Without any red meat or bread/crackers readily available, I opted for some mild cheddar cheese and it did the trick.

Palate cleanser at hand, I very much enjoyed the second glass. Half way through I noticed a slight change as the wine began to warm to room temperature. While still a little tannic, the latter half of each drink was a little velvety and ended with a little more oomph. A very muddled fruit taste lingered for several seconds before dissipating. Muddled may sound like a bad word. However, in this case it worked in the wine’s favor.

This bottle of ‘Pacato’ was an excellent wine for the price. I don’t see myself buying it again soon, but I will eventually. With a good flavor profile and a good balance between tannins and a swift finish, Pacato is worth trying at least once. I give it 6.5/10.